guttergeek the discontinuous review of graphic narrative

As our fellow geeks have no doubt heard, a beloved institution, the Comics Journal, will be undergoing a radical change of format after issue 300. For those of us who have grown up with the Journal, there are of course regrets (I for one felt compelled, misty-eyed, to revist some of my favorite issues over the years). But for those of us who have been paying attention to the world outside our library walls, this comes as little surprise. For years, TCJ was the only place to get timely and responsible news and reviews on comics and the industry. The Internet has changed all that in ways that no one has covered better than TCJ over the years, and they have been adjusting to these changes in a number of ways, first by moving more of their news coverage to Journalista! under the management of Dirk Deppey, and now by moving the vast majority of their familiar content to what will become a vastly expanded web presence, reserving their print volumes for bi-annual "coffee-table" art books.

For us here at guttergeek, this change also brings with it a great opportunity: starting at the end of this month, we will be joining in its new expanded web empire. The current site will continue to exist as an archive for our posts and reviews over the last few years, but our address for new posts will move to a domain within TCJ. This move will open up a range of new opportunities for us, including a chance to contribute to an exciting new venture on the part of the folks at TCJ and Fantagraphics, all of whom have been great to work with as a reviewer at guttergeek and as a contributing writer at The Comics Journal (and they have continued to be nice to us despite the occasional negative review of Fantagraphics titles). It will also introduce guttergeek to a much broader audience and a larger, more dynamic conversation. Finally, the move will allow us to do something we have been wanting to do for some time: to open up guttergeek to a wider range of comics writing beyond the review, allowing us to focus as well on our passion for comics history, soapbox speechifying, and critical analysis of the comics form. Of course, we will still continue to review regularly, and I will do so both for guttergeek and for TCJ, but within the larger confines of with its army of talented reviewers, we will also be freed up to focus on other issues that are keeping us up at night.

Of course, while we have been talking with the folks at The Comics Journal about these upcoming moves, we have fallen behind in our reviews of some terrific titles that have come across the threshold of our particular corner of the gutter, and we are going to scramble over the next couple of weeks to catch up as best we can with a series of shorter reviews highlighting some titles we have especially enjoyed (and one or two we didn't). And as the details of our move to are worked out over the next few weeks, we will keep you posted. As always, thanks for joining us in the gutter and we look forward to many years to come in the deeper and wider gutter of TCJ!