guttergeek the discontinuous review of graphic narrative

July 2009

As more than one reader has rightly pointed out, webcomics are (and have been for some time) infinitely funnier and more interesting than 99.9% of newspaper comics (although the running commentary of the Comics Curmudgeon does make newspaper comics far funnier than they ever would be on their own). We have of course cast our fond glances over the years at some of those that have found their way into book form, we have never written about webcomics in their natural environment. So, here they are, our top three favorite webcomics from the month of July.

#1: July 26: Harrison’s plan for adventure (Nedroid)

We love Nedroid and it is one of the handful I read religiously. But rarely have I found a strip that speaks to me as personally as this one. It is as if Anthony Clark had been spying on me all day while I ran my errands, deferred my grand adventure, and then started the whole cycle of promise and defeat (with lots of errands in between) the following day.

#2: July 6: Anxiety Machine (pictures for sad children).

Ok, now these guys are starting to freak me out. I mean, aside from the gently patting the cop’s face, I think this might have actually happened to me. And I do remember gently patting a crossing guard’s face, which is pretty much the same thing. Have I become the unconscious muse of webcomics creators everywhere, or am I the unwitting subject of a strange kind of reality show, entirely drawn in comics form?

#3: July 28: Lease (xkcd)

Alright, guys. This is not funny any more. Seriously: stop following me, or I will contact the authorities.

Thanks to all this month’s contenders (we had a lot of great material to sift through). If you have a favorite webcomic you worry we might be missing, send it our way!