guttergeek the discontinuous review of graphic narrative

June 2009
Could comic stores, in fact, be the “last bookstores”? That is the concept behind a would-be documentary Eric Davies and I have fantasized about making (and one we will never get around to making because it would be so much work). Like it or not, traditional print is all-but-dead. Mine is already a two-kindle family; our newspapers are consumed on our laptops; and the print books we do buy (because for some things books do remain the most efficient storage and retrieval device) we buy online. And we are a family of nerds and English professors. But the one book that will never become extinct in paper form is the comic book in all its forms. And the one bookstore we set foot in, as a family, religiously every week, is the Laughing Ogre. So, Eric (a kick-ass film editor, by the way) has launched us into a comic documentary of these marvelous “last bookstores” with an entry about his recent visit to Collect-o-rama in Alexandria, Virgina. Look for more entries to follow, and we hope others will join us in compiling this documentary-comic tribute to this invaluable and bizarre institution we all love so dearly.